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Online Interview with Tarilado Imbazi: The Real referral contests, The no scam zone❌, the no nudity policy, the healthcare tips, the good memes and the music updates makes The Blueice Empire my best.

“The confession night is my favourite program. Although I miss that head to head you usually do. Comparing two artists and songs… I wished it could come back”

“Online Interview” is one of The Blueice Empire‘s weekly shows, for the sole purpose of honouring active members on our channel. We take note of the activity of members every new week, and at the end of the week (Saturday), the most active member of that week gets to be interviewed by Blueice himself on Monday.

In this #BlueiceOnlineInterview episode with one of Nigeria’s Petroleum Engineers, Mr. Tarilado Imbazi, he talks about his career as a Petroleum Engineer, his business and of course, his time on The Blueice Empire.

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Hello there

Good morning Blue Family

Good morning 😇 and welcome to your interview session

Thank you very much, I’m glad to be here

Let’s meet you

My name is Tarilado Imbazi, from bayelsa state, but resides in port Harcourt, Rivers State. A graduate of Petroleum Engineering from Rivers State University

Oh great! Tell us, how has being a Petroleum Engineer affected your life?

It has really changed my perspective concerning life and the industry at Large, understanding how things work, and working with great minds and joy of refining that black gold in several products

When did you join The Blueice Empire and who introduced you?

By a friend, during the referral contest. 2020 January. January 30th will make me 1yr with the blues family and this will be my forth birthday.

1. Real birth, 2. Christ birth, 3. Relationship anv. 4. My blue family


Oh wow! You seem good with dates 😁

Yeah, and kinda good with numbers too

We definitely cannot let January 30th pass us by without a little celebration, innit?


Which of the Blueice groups have you joined? And have you hooked up with anyone?

Just following the empire on Facebook and Instagram. Have I hooked up anyone from the family? Nope. But are my in a relationship: Yes

Relationship with someone on Blueice? 🤔

Nah, she isn’t a member of the family, but I will add her up after now

You should 😇
Tell us, what are your likes and dislikes about Blueice

Likes, Almost everything on the empire. The health care tips, The no scam zone, The no nudity policy, The good memes (Sometimes you need higher IQ to understand some), Real referral contests, The music updates (include blue ice top ten of the week).

The confession night Is my favourite program. Although I miss that head to head you usually do. Comparing two artists and songs… I wished it could come back.

About disklike I don’t think I have any at the moment

The Celebrity Faceoff you mean


It’s surely coming back, we didn’t scrap it, only took a short break from it to upgrade how it’s done.

Wow 😍😍😍 #NowWeWait

That’s the hash tag 😇

Yes ooh

So, Mr Tarilado. How do you rate The Blueice Empire and what would you like us to improve on?

Over 10 am giving 9.9

Most of the updates I want have already been implemented, easy download of the blue top 10. What I want is just to improve the followership for Instagram and Facebook.

Sincerely, it’s just the time needed to grow. We’re paying more and full attention to the WhatsApp channel. Although, we’re looking to get Social Media managers soon

Wow 😎😎😎

Before you leave, do you do any business? Or would you like to sell yourself in few words?

Yes I have a verified business I want to sell, it’s called Solmax.

1. Solmax is the marketing partner for a technology company called Igniter100. Solmax is marketing all Igniter100 projects worldwide through direct marketing and affiliate marketing plan.

2. Solmax is a London based company registered and in business since 2017. Regulated by the FCA and member of London Chamber Of Commerce & Industries

For example buy a basic package of €100 (55k) and getting returns up to €2,499 (1.4M) within a year. Sounds Crazy right? But it’s possible and real. After now we will talk about advert.

A bit confused, But you’d explained better during the advert 😁

Sure, it’s nice being here. Thanks for having me

Connect with Tarilador on WhatsApp | Instagram | Twitter


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